Arion Gesangverein

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FOUNDED:  21 October 1850

PURPOSE:   To promote the cultivation of German music, song and culture in the United States through concerts, song festivals and Liederabende.


President Emeritus Robert Fritzsche
President Bill Reamy
1st Vice President Brad Schlegel
2nd Vice President Barbara Harper
Treasurer Robert Wells
Corresponding Secretary Serena Nolan
Financial Secretary Robert Wells
Recording Secretary tba
Librarian Bill Reamy
Historian Brad Schlegel


ARION, one of the oldest singing societies in the United States, was named after the Greek poet-musician who is considered the mythical founder of choral singing. This Society has been continuously active since the time of its founding.

Within two years of ARION’S founding, this outstanding choral group had captured the heart of Baltimore to such an extent that it was invited to sing at a reception honoring the touring Hungarian Freedom Fighter, Ludwig Kossuth.

In 1888, 1889, 1910, 1941, 1963 and 1988, by invitations from the State of Pennsylvania, the Grand Army of the Republic and, later, from the Sons of Union Veterans, the ARION again performed at celebrations marking the Anniversaries of the original dedication of the National Military Cemetery; they also performed at the dedication of Pennsylvania’s Monument to that State’s War Dead.

On its 100th Anniversary, ARION was awarded the prestigiousZelter-Plakette, a distinguished honor presented by the Deutscher Saengerbund in recognition of the high regard in Germany for ARION’S accomplishments. Karl Friedrich Zelter, after whom this award is named, was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s friend and also wrote the music for Goethe’s poems.

ARION gives concerts in the Baltimore and Washington Areas, has sung throughout Maryland and the adjacent States, and has been heard in Germany over the facilities of Sud-Deutscher Rundfunk (the Bavarian radio network). It has performed in the Meyerhoff Symphony Hall and for the “Festival of Trees”, a Christmas celebration held in Baltimore’s Convention Center.

Since 1857, ARION has participated in the National Song Festivals that are held every three years in various cities along the East Coast.

ARION schedules weekly rehearsals; its repertoire consists of, but is not restricted to, classical and traditional fold songs, sung in German.

ARION GESANGVEREIN is a non-profit, educational society. Membership is open to those persons having a love for singing and for the language and traditions of Germany. New singers are always welcome; an ability to speak German is not required as help is given on both music and speech. Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings at 7:45 (except during July and August) at Zion Lutheran Church on City Hall Plaza in downtown Baltimore.

Upcoming Events
  • July 14/15, 2018 – 118th Annual German Festival, Exhibition Hall, Timonium MD; air-conditioned, free parking; Arion sings Saturday 7/14, 4:45 PM.

For more information, visit the Arion Gesangverein page or email us at  To explore further the German culture through links and forums, visit the Wecker website, which represents the Baltimore-Washington corridor, plus N. Virginia and S. Pennsylvania.